Commute, work, commute, sleep, die.

of course i’m feeling good
read my lips
they just spelled “fine”
when did people forget
how to look into each others eyes?
hands down
just watch our hearts frown
i’ll say it’s all just fiction if they ask
cause i can sell any lie
i can sell you any lie
still laughing the loudest about myself
you’re not even close to get
what’s behind these wall

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Oathbreaker - Nomads

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i´m shaking hands with silent knives, sleeping with snakes at my breast i should have known, traitors, liars, thieves – they´re having plans we don´t conceive, traitors, liars, thieves – all sharpen their teeth, in crooked rooms their smiles are bent, they speak in tongues and bear their fangs and build you up to tear you down, piece by piece they tear you down, traitors, liars, thieves – i wish you all had one neck and my hands were on it.

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